Are you looking for an Engineering firm to complete your next set of blueprints? If so, Polka Engineering is a solid choice to perform a range of engineering and building designs. Whether you’re looking for a new residential design or you need to plan your next commercial building, Polka Engineering will work to see that your specific plans are put onto paper and that your expectations are met.

Our name is well recognized with local building departments for our exceptional plan clarity, detail and plan submittal completeness that typically allows for faster building permit review and approval.

We have extensive experience with engineering/building design projects, structural design, utilization of construction materials, and building codes.

Our design expertise includes the following:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Land Development

Residential Project Experience

If you’re looking for a skilled residential building design engineer, you’ve come to the right place. At Polka Engineering, our diverse talented expertise is ready to handle and tackle the design-related aspects of your project. Whether you’re building a home from scratch, adding a new wing, or looking to redesign your space, we’ll be happy to use our extensive knowledge to fashion a solution that suits your needs and budget.

We have an extensive portfolio of home designs & building design solutions to create your unique living space. We have done it all from simple ranch homes to cost effective 2-story dwellings to the glamour’s waterfront dream homes.

Our design of residential home projects covers the entire Erie and Niagara County regions.

We have completed in excess of over 1,000 residential plans for new homes and always find the next project to be as rewarding as the last.

Polka Engineering has been consistently providing custom home plans for the past 25 years for the following well established Western New York home builders:

  • David Homes, Inc.
  • Rosal Homes If you are a homeowner and are unsure who you would like to have build your project, we’ll be glad to put you in touch with some of the qualified builders and remodeling contractors we know in the Western New York region. And if you do have a contractor in mind, we are always eager to get to know new ones!

Project Expertise

  • Single family residential homes
  • Handicapped-accessible homes
  • Patio homes and villas
  • Second floor additions
  • Kitchen renovations and additions
  • Master bedroom renovations and additions
  • Great room additions
  • Whole-house renovations
  • Home office additions
  • Garage additions
  • Modifications to stock plans
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Topographical site plans
  • Site grading/drainage plans

Commercial Project Experience

Whether your project involves renovation, new construction, a complete makeover, adding a new addition, or looking to redesign your space, we’ll be happy to use our extensive knowledge to fashion a solution that suits your needs and budget.

Commercial projects require the same level of creativity and skill as residential ones, but in a very different context. Through great design and savvy consideration of all relevant factors, we deliver designs that streamline the development process and create demand.

Our portfolio of commercial projects range from very small to moderate size projects.

Project Expertise

  • Medical/professional office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Church additions
  • Fire hall additions
  • Pre-engineered buildings
  • Restaurant/bar additions
  • Handicapped-accessible entrances
  • Existing building assessments and as-built drawings
  • Feasibility and budget studies
  • Tennant lease spaces

Land Development Experience

All new projects in someway or another affects land use. From building a new home or new office building to simply just adding an addition in most cases requires site plans and site utilities.

A majority of the building departments today require site plans, site grading and drainage plans for new builds and additions. Polka Engineering has the diversified background to perform the required site plans from small to medium sized projects.

Project Expertise

  • Topographic surveys
  • Site grading/drainage plans
  • Water, sewer utilities
  • Site planning
  • Parking lots

Our portfolio of land development projects range from simple parking lots to complex subdivision design.