Polka Engineering Design Studio

Polka Engineering is a multi service professional engineering and building design firm, located in Niagara Falls, New York. For the past twenty-five years the Polka brothers, John J. Polka, Jr. and Timothy J. Polka have consistently utilized their diverse talented experience to produce engineering and building design documents for residential, commercial and land development projects.

Project Experience

  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Engineering
  • Residential Design
  • Land Development and Site Planning
  • Building Design and Space Planning
  • Utility and Drainage Design
  • Topographical Surveying
  • Site Grading Plans
  • Municipal Planning and Zoning Board Representation
  • Construction Inspection
  • Project Management

Primary Objectives

Polka Engineering strives to provide high quality professional engineering, design and project management services at a reasonable fee. Our goal is to insure that the client receives completed projects that meet or exceed their expectations. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

Most building projects start with a want or a need. That want, then needs to get translated into square feet and three dimensional space. Proper judgment, technical expertise, and creative skill provide the transformation from the practical need to the built form.

Our goal is to provide open-minded, imaginative ideas that best fit within the parameters of the specific needs, desires, schedule, and budget of the project.

A good set of construction drawings is crucial when building any project, while a poor set can lead to errors and delays during construction. Our review processes ensure that our construction drawings are detailed and accurate.

Design Philosophy and Approach

Our experience in the realm of engineering, building design and construction has lead us to several key philosophies regarding the development of plans, specifications and the management of projects, they include:

  • Prompt and open communication with all parties
  • Develop a clear understanding of the owner’s requirements
  • Project fee proposals which are well defined and extremely competitive
  • Establish project parameters that are clearly defined and documented
  • Broad scoped planning and evaluation of project alternatives
  • Designs which meet established goals
  • High quality CAD documents

We are confident that you would be pleased with our approach to engineering and building design projects. Our availability as a small local firm, our commitment to quality and our passion for engineering and building design will meet the high standards required to successfully complete your project.

Testimonial Letters and References

We have a very extensive portfolio of projects from simple covered porches to garages to additions to dream homes to professional office buildings to residential and industrial subdivisions.

To select a few past clients to provide testimonial letters on our behalf would not be fair to 1000’s of other clients we have provided design services for.

We strongly feel if you are interested in our services we provide you with references for the type project you plan. We would gladly provide references with past clients that have utilized our services for a similar type project.